Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I should be an adult by now, but I'm busy hiding like a child.  Hiding from everything.  Today's chosen method of hiding was marathon-ing a K-drama (The King 2 Hearts starring Lee Seung-gi). If you've never watched a K-drama, they're mini-series produced in South Korea.  They can be any genre:  telenovela-like (aka makjang), police procedural, rom-com, fantasy, time travel, historical (aka sageuk), or a fusion of genres.  The makjang ones are full of amnesia, birth secrets, cancer, love triangles, sacrifice, death, and they end badly. I avoid them like the plague.  There are only so many hours I can watch a grown man in a white suit playing a baby grande piano on the beach as a silent tear rolls down his cheek.  After 5 years of K-dramas, I love the sound of Hangul and kept walking around saying "aish" whenever I was exasperated today.
Lee Seung-gi, or the son-in-law desired by all South Korean mothers with eligible daughters.  I swear he doesn't normally wear that many bracelets.

Sources of exasperation:
(1) After 2 and a half months of running consistently, my shin splints picked today to come back.
(2) That stupid broken relationship (I'm a broken record).
(3) My fruitless job search.
(4) Wedding planning (obviously not my own wedding). Logistics are hell.
(5) Mornings.

Mornings are the hardest.  They've always been hard b/c I don't wake up well, but they're worse now.  Why?  I confess to missing my thesis just a little.  When did it become the devil I know?  Ah well, it's not like it won't be back in a couple weeks to torment me.

I'd go to my part-time tomorrow, but I'm scared to walk by the house.  I'd probably cry behind my fake Ray Bans and be unable to smile prettily for the security guards.  I'll put it off until Friday.
My fake Ray Bans are classic aviators. :-P

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