Friday, July 20, 2012

Coloring and Playing

I think adults aren't much for coloring.  I don't think they hate coloring, but instead of coloring, they do constructive things (laundry and exercising and cooking and bill paying).  Adult playing is TV or video games.  Adults also aren't much for playing outside, which is just plain wrong.  I'm guilty of this.  When I go outside, it's either to complete a task (walk the dog, go for a run, talk on the phone), or to be flat out lazy (stand around, look at the sky, lay in the grass).  I think I need a game of hide-and-seek.

On the break up front, I'm still apprehensive of how I'll react when I have to be within 30 meters of him, since Tuesday didn't go well.  Thankfully, I don't have to be within 30 meters until Monday.  And if I'm avoiding him, he's avoiding me, so there's a really small risk of actual contact.  I'm in the phase where something happens and I think, I have to tell him about this - he'll love it.  Then I remember that I can't.  That's the saddest thing - the fact that some line was crossed and now I've lost a good friend.  I don't have many local friends, so ouch.  It  hurts more than the end of the relationship did.  Still, no tears today.  Let's hope I'm done with that.

It was deliciously cold outside today, reminded me of spring.  It was overcast and misting and nothing but green and gray and black and brown.  I wore an old blue dress and a cardigan, and when the dog ran away,  I put on my hiking boots and went into the wet grass after her.  When I found her in the woods, she started running home, and I chased her all the way.  Everything was wet, except my feet.  I love the dichotomy of a girly dress and hiking boots.  It was the most beautiful day.

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