Thursday, October 31, 2013

why are you dressed so scary?

I had a grand total of 4 trick-or-treaters. Wow. And here I went and bought 2 bags of candy. I should have given those last two boys all I had left - but how was I supposed to know they were the last ones?

2 brothers came up to the door first. 7 or 8. I said they could take what they wanted. The skinny one on the left grabbed three handfuls. His brother didn't even try to stop him - just smiled and said he was a candy addict. Yeah, he was greedy. Then their mom came along and the greedy boy ran away. I let the normal kid grab his handful. Like 30 seconds after them, the second pair of boys came and I thought more kids might be coming, so I gave them handfuls. At that point, I had half the candy left. Then no more kids came. Halloween fail.

Another Halloween fail.
Also, I didn't go to LN's wedding because of the plans with S. Hoping I made the right choice. Friends are so much easier than dating.

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