Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pretty enough to get by

Real quick, I finally went on a run again. A really slow one at work with LN, but a good one b/c I don't think my body is capable of being treated any better than gingerly right now. 28=not growing anymore, just maintaining. I've got all those great post-run feels. Endorphins, making me all happy and such.

Shout out to one of my favorite fashion blogs, karlascloset.com. Karla is just so elegant. There is such a thing as poise, and she's got it. Try as I might, I come off as more cutesy than sexy. The answer must be more makeup!
makes you pretty enough to get by...

Also, what have I done with S? I said I like you, as in I like you as a person. He knows that's what I mean right? Right? I also meant more I think I like you, but I can't really tell because I haven't had many conversations with you. At least it got him to stop beating around the bush and just call it a date? Everyone knows what the term "hang out" means, people.

What should I get L for her bachelorette party? Hmmm.

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