Saturday, October 19, 2013

tea eggs, second lead love

I tried to make these:
Chinese tea eggs
In dramas, characters are forever eating them and loving them. I first saw them in a TW drama where the main lead's grandfather owned a convenience store. They pop up in Kdramas whenever the characters go to the sauna. My tea eggs look like that, but I tried one and it didn't taste like much. So I added more anise, soy sauce, brown sugar, and salt - going to soak them overnight, like MW said. We'll see.

SC said something about caring about me. I was still thrown off by when we met at that bar and I swore he said his boyfriend teaches Latin. Let me tell you, that threw me for a loop. I should have said "I'm sorry what?" Instead I was so shocked that I let him keep talking, and now I'm going to have to get that clarified in a subtle way. Why did that place have to be so noisy?

Started watching the Kdrama "Two Weeks," mostly because I haven't heard anything bad about it and after all these years of watching dramas Lee Jun-ki is the first of only three actors that was interesting enough for me to develop second lead love. The second was Song Jong-ho in The Princess' Man, and my case was much more severe with him. The crazier he got, the more I loved him. The third was Namgoong Min in Can You Hear My Heart, whose character was also crazy and which also made me love him more. He just loved his mom, okay?!

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