Monday, October 14, 2013

lantern lantern on the bough

I'm ambivalent. I met S in person in West Chester last night. Not for that long, and just at the bar in Iron Hill. Probably the 4th time I've been to Iron Hill, though I've been driving by that restaurant since I was in high school. Anyway, the football game was on, so it was a little weird, but I don't know, not as bad as it could have gone. He's taller than I remember, which is good for my height obsession. He didn't walk me to my car afterwards, which always bugs me, but he did text me afterwards to ask if I got home alright. I think in general, it's a little weird meeting up with old classmates because they tend to talk about how things were in school, when I want to talk about now. But S wasn't nearly as bad as when I met up with SH back in April-ish, ugh, all he talked about was what happened in undergrad, most of which I don't even remember anymore. When I catch up with someone, I want to talk about what's happened since I last saw you - not what I already know. Anyway, I still doubt much is going to happen since S lives so far away and is going to work in NJ, but I guess I won't count it out.

Saturday was my joint b-day party and it was extra special because not only was my C-ville family there,  but so were P (family friend at this point), and K and D.  Aunt S made her special pancakes, which were gone the next day. And the men had fun drinking on the porch. My sister MB made us both glass pumpkins with our first names on them. We watched Marvel comic movies. And played Dance Central. I am really bad at Dance Central and I had no shorts except ones that Mom gave me, which were XXL Ralph Lauren swishy shorts - possibly the most unflattering shorts I have ever worn. Then Sunday MW and I went clothes shopping with our birthday money at Kohls, where I bought 4 Lauren Conrad pieces and one chambray shirt that I already have but in a different wash - all for $37.

If I could only wear one designer for the rest of my life, it would be Lauren Conrad.

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