Tuesday, October 1, 2013

shutdown day 1

Happy birthday month to me. The job situation is messed up as of midnight last night, but that has to sort itself out in the end, so I'm going to tell myself not to worry. I was home at 1pm. It felt so strange! At least the meetings about "maybe" are over now that the verdict is "yes." My dad says I should get in the car and go to the beach - he's the spender. My mom said what about gas - compromise - Annapolis? I've been meaning to go be a tourist anyway, and it's supposed to be gorgeous this week, as befits the first day of my birthday month.
If this goes on the whole week, maybe I can get together with some coworkers. We shall see. For now, I just want to eat a turkey burger. If only I didn't have to cook it first.

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