Wednesday, October 9, 2013

i know a bunch of property virgins

I've actually been active. Mini bonfire times last night in L's backyard. She's the only one of my friends to own property and she gets so much respect for that. I think my age group had a tough time starting out in terms of the job situation, thanks to the recession. It put us behind a little.
smores were also involved
This morning L came to my apt complex and we went for a run. I felt the need to explain all the empty bottles of alcohol littering my apt floor - I usually recycle them at work, but with no access to work, well it looks like I'm a raging alkie. Yes, I did drink that entire bottle of sangria by myself, but I had help for all the others! Anyway, as we were cooling down we saw a black SUV with all 4 of its tires slashed, parked maybe 5 cars over from mine. Do people really get so mad at someone else that they slash ALL the tires? Apparently the answer is yes.

I'm glad the run went well. I was scared that I can't run anymore, but if I just do it once or twice a week, I can still sustain my running addiction.

Drama update: watching Padam Padam, which is so far a show where the main couple dates and Kim Bum wanders around looking too skinny and too pretty. There's a villain who I don't take seriously; he kind of looks like Daniel Choi, only not as attractive. During all of his scenes I think about how the show would have been so much better if he was Daniel Choi.

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