Tuesday, October 8, 2013

evaluation is inevitable

Had a birthday dinner with AC last night -  we met halfway at a Thai place that was super quiet, but I guess it was Monday night. Good food, good times, and a cute waiter, which is pretty much all I ask from restaurants these days.

Today is my middle sister's 24th birthday. I'll have to call her after she gets home from work. I meant to text her during her birthday minute, but yeah it's now an hour and 20 minutes past that, hoping I remember tonight.

Trying my hardest not to regress into college student sleeping hours. Today I woke up on my own at 7:11am, so that's not bad. As long as I don't get used to waking up at 10am. Tomorrow is the last day I'll be paid before we go back to work. Seems like it's going to be dragged out until Oct 17th, so a serious bank account evaluation is inevitable, plus it's the time of the month where I set up the online bill pay. I live in fear of forgetting to pay the rent one day. It's crisp outside. I love summer, but I can't deny the joy of fall boot season, which bleeds into winter boot season and spring boot season. Soon, I'll have to say bye to the Nine West flats I've worn all summer in favor of shoes that require socks.

Ew, socks. My feet cry for freedom!

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