Sunday, October 27, 2013

smells like flavor

Had fun at my first official bachelorette party! (And how dare Google think that bachelorette isn't a word) There were party favors, so I currently have more penis shaped things in my apartment than I did before. (Yes even a straw) I met a 7 people all in one night - crazy fast. I swear I don't make much of an impression at these things, but I enjoy getting out there, and LN laughed when she opened her presents - candy underwear - so what more can I ask for? I thought I'd have to go to a sex shop, but they had all the stuff I needed right at Spencer's, which I found out after I googled where to buy candy underwear.

Went to the Melting Pot for the first time. Smells like flavor from the moment you walk in. The food was good, but wow my stuff still smells like it. And even my hair. I have natural black hair, so hoping it'll hair out because I just did my hair! (I'd whine if I said that out loud)

S asked me if we could ever be official. I had to slow his roll. (Was that cruel?) We had one in person conversation since we started talking in ... when was that? Late July. Where's the fire, son? Debating whether it's pessimistic to tag all the relationship posts with "breaking up is hard to do." I mean, it's true.

Woke up at 6am and have been awake ever since. Why???

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