Sunday, October 6, 2013

excuse me you're a hell of a guy -nm

I got to my parents' at about 2pm on Friday, and practically parked myself on their leather couch in front of their giant tv for the whole weekend. One of the highlights was a Tom Cruise movie called Oblivion, which came out early this summer and was entertaining. At least it took my mind away from the news. Good to spend time with my parents' again, and I talked to each of my sisters for a little, although they each weren't there. Back at my apt now, and in sore need of a shower. I love the hot weather so much that I refuse to put on air conditioning, then I sweat. I'd rather be hot than cold.

Verdict's out on whether it's back to work tomorrow or not, but I'll wake up at 6:15 and call the hotline.

Also, S cannot take a hint. I didn't really expect much, the trouble is he keeps slightly going above my expectations and then going lower and then meeting them and still contacting me...

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