Thursday, August 29, 2013

monuments at night

This morning was foggy, although no rain. At work, I walked from my car to the building and got horrible twinges in my left knee. In my office, I almost cried from frustration - had to talk myself down. I admit I was helped along by the smell of burning electrical wires, which turned out to be people doing tar work on the roof and not my laptop about to catch fire. Yay!

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to walk around tomorrow, as today is finally the eve of monuments-at-night.

The more I learn about S, the less I am into him. I tell you, whatever excitement that was inspired by a random dude showing interest peaked and ebbed away. I don't consider us friends, and I'm fine with it. Plus he made a comment about something being "gay." Yeah, I used to talk like that years ago when I didn't know any better, but that was in high school! 10 years ago! It's like saying, that's so black. Or that's so white. Unless you're joking with someone in that group or you are in that group, AND you and your friend are both totally comfortable with the parameters of your relationship, then your words are probably offensive. I hate sitting there after someone says something and thinking - should I be offended? If you have to ask...

In other news, I'm obsessed with knowing if I'm overweight or not (thanks, body image issues!). I finally measured my wrist to figure out what type of frame I have. Since I'm 5'4" and the circumference of my wrist is > 6.25", I'm large framed. This is such a relief, because there's no way I'm getting down to 120lbs, short of some type of devastating illness (please, God, no). Turns out I should weigh between 134 and 151. Check! Can I finally put these overweight fears to rest? Sadly, not until I obsessively check multiple websites, consult with a doctor, get a second opinion, read enough articles online to dismiss the BMI charts, and even then I'll probably struggle with it. Can I get some peer reviewed scientific articles in there too?

For now, I just want my knees back!

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