Wednesday, August 28, 2013

if I never date anyone again

C called me today because I forgot to say I wasn't doing the stairs workout. It was a really short awkward conversation in which we kept talking over each other and then stopping. I went for a 3 mile walk/run yesterday (all I can manage; thanks, knee), and I had to do those Brazillian Butt Lift exercises afterwards just so I was able to walk on my left knee today. A stair workout would destroy me - I've done it before, so I know - 11 flights ya'll.

Actually, running will probably destroy me if I don't wait until at least Saturday. I'm no challenge to run with these days. I don't mind walking in the woods by myself - I like walking in the woods by myself. I might be too comfortable being by myself. But all this pressure from S to be in constant communication makes me treasure solitude. I don't care if I never date anyone again. This might be because the only person I find attractive in my limited circle of acquaintances is C, and I don't really want to date him, but I find him a turn on, which I wish wasn't true. Can't I just stick to crushing on K actors like Daniel Choi or TOP?

The delicious large strawberry banana smoothie from the Amish place on Saturday poisoned me. I eat 50 calories of something, then I have to run to the bathroom.  I am so tired of the bathroom.  How long before I'm supposed to go to the doctor? TMI, I know. TMI.

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