Friday, August 16, 2013

disco ball

About to make the drive. I almost poisoned myself with an old turkey burger, but I decided I wasn't that hungry and I don't want to ruin my weekend.  Salmonella is a risk I'm not willing to take.

Looking forward to seeing my family, plus Darcy! Who I hear has again taken to peeing on the floor when she sees you. She's just so happy, she literally overflows. Poor traumatized dog.

One way or another the S thing will be resolved(?). Every time I see C at work, I am disappointed. I can only shake my head at myself. It's unreasonable. At work I was maybe invited to a Mandarin speaking lunch b/c I picked up enough watching TW dramas. Lol. I'm just a fangirl people. Let me have my unreasonable love for Joe Cheng; wo hen xihuan ta.
He'll always have a place in my fangirl heart.

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