Sunday, August 18, 2013

all of my far friends

After episode 8, the second male lead in I Hear Your Voice was dead to me. He never quite became not dead to me, although he did redeem himself to the two main leads by the last episode (18). Still, when grievous wrongs have been done, I don't forget. Bring it to reality - S is dead to me. He doesn't know it yet, but why bother telling him flat out? Then I'd have to explain that I just don't have the patience to deal with a wishy-washy guy who I'm not even sure I like. I'm not sure because he refuses to communicate face-to-face. I'm not invested in whatever this friendship is, and he seriously annoyed me yesterday, so I'm going to stop responding and focus on building up myself and my local friend base. Forget about trying to make a new friendship with someone who lives far away and refuses to show any of who they are via the communication structure they do abide by. I will cut you out slowly to spare your feelings, and you will move on before you have time to whine to me about how I don't talk to you anymore, which will free be from being chained to the stupid phone.

Oh, I want all my far friends to move next to me.

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