Sunday, August 25, 2013

hot, sunny, green

Hot. Sunny. Green. Blue. Outside.

Houses always feel empty after a visitor leaves. They feel too full when a visitor first arrives. I never notice when the balance happens. B left a little bit ago after marathon sleeping - headed for DE for a week before she heads down to FL for her new job. I wish her all the best.

I spent the morning reading "The Best of Times" by Penny Vincenzi. I like it, but I'm only on page 265 and the novel is 600 pages. It seems like it should end by 300. Seems like a case of loving your characters too much to let them go. She has done a stellar job of imagining this world, but I don't know if I'll be able to finish the novel.

Remember, I said I gave up on S. He's whatever and if he wants to keep texting me, then he can. Now it's evolved to snapchat and of all things google+. Is he taking this seriously? Because it didn't seem like he was. I still maintain that I can't be emotionally involved with you unless I interact in-person. I just can't. Maybe I should tell him that, instead of assuming everyone is like me. I don't want to be an inconsiderate person in this situation, which is one that I have never before found myself in. There. I know what I have to do - I'm just afraid to do it. Frodo moment.

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