Thursday, August 8, 2013

i want to buy a plant for my desk at work

Busy trying to hold on to the security of being happy by myself. Holding on. Hold on. Have some self-respect, A. Does it only take a week to wear you down?

Saturday going to meet up with M and A from college. Really looking forward to this. Don't know what they have planned because my phone decided to die early today. Suddenly, it's battery life is not what it used to be.

Volleyball yesterday I actually can feel that I almost have the hang of serving. Something just clicked last week and yesterday it was only 3 vs. 3, so I had a lot of opportunity to serve. But next week all the interns will be gone, so who knows if volleyball will even last much longer. I wish it would though. I miss M and E already. Interns have got their whole future ahead of them, and there's just something refreshing and hopeful about that - it makes me happier.

K, one of my professors at WCU, asked me what she can do to help get my thesis published. Yeah, I gave up in the face of the research I have to do. Maybe she'll give me a push? Here's hoping.

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