Saturday, December 1, 2012

rabbits, rabbits, rabbits

I forgot to say rabbits, rabbits, rabbits this morning. I usually forget, but today is the first time I stepped in (cleverly) hidden horse poop on my run. I blame the leaves. Today I ran with my phone and used an app to see how far I really go- 3.5 miles. If I add on the extra hill challenge in the end, then 4.0 miles. To save my knees, I walk the downhills (I'm such a granny). Poop aside, I love trail running. I've run in that park over 100 times since April and never once did I step in horse poo until today.
Because animals kissing doubles the cute.
Ask and thou shalt receive. I'm now losing 2 games in that word game you play with your friends. One game, I have no hope of winning. The second, I could still come back.

I take the GREs on Wednesday. Mleh. I'm flying to visit friends in Oakland for about a week on Thursday. What clothes do I pack? I must run once while there to stay in shape. They're foodies.

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