Wednesday, December 19, 2012


You  know how when it's close to sunset and you look out across a lake and you're blinded by the glare of the light on the water? And how all along the lake, you have to shade your eyes and the sun creates a sheet of white that hurts your eyes? 

Well the thing is that the blinding light must actually go across the whole surface of the water, but you only catch the one angle. Imagine if you could stand on the shore and see the whole lake shining all at once. You wouldn't be able to really look at it b/c it's so bright, but it bugs me that I can't see what's really there. I think there's a story in here somewhere.

Yesterday, I met an amateur historian. He lives in a 240+ year old house that's haunted and he's seen ghosts all around the township where my parents live. One of his daughters saw the ghost of a man who died in a hunting accident near the township building. I asked him if he's seen a ghost in my park, but he said not on the trails, only in the historic mansion. Since I never go inside there, I'm fine with it. But of course today as I was running, I thought about ghosts popping up on the trail in front of me and what I would do if that happened. Of course I saw nothing but trees, leaves, horse shit, and park employees - I didn't even see any deer. I also don't want to see a ghost or hear a ghost or feel a ghost, and I think if you don't want something or believe in it, a lot of times, you don't get it. Think The Skeleton Key - voodoo can't affect you unless you believe it can.
This could be me, not that I jog in a dress.
While running, I thought about the above-mentioned shining lake, how I need to stop eating Fiber One brownies, how Bud won't go to that mutual friend's Christmas party (which saves me a lot of trouble), how 3 out of 4 of my close friends from undergrad are going to be Dr.s, how I keep secrets by spilling only to people totally unconnected to the secret (or to my mom), and about whether I can justify buying new shoes to go with the dress I'm wearing to Christmas parties this year, despite the fact that I still have a dozen Christmas presents to buy.

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