Tuesday, December 4, 2012

waiting for outlier status

I was so frustrated at my part-time job today that I wanted to cry. The only thing that stopped me from dissolving into spiteful self-pitying tears was the fact that I was surrounded by middle-aged men in cubicles. Luckily, right at the moment when I started whining and swearing at the computer, I solved the problem. Yay me?  Sissy says I should ask for some Midol and a Snickers. <--White Chicks reference. Now there's a movie that's so bad I watched it over and over again. My siblings and I now know the actor's lines better than the scriptwriter ever did. Other movies I enjoy include Major Payne, The Mummy Returns, Pride & Prejudice (2005), and the first LOTR. Judge away.
No one will admit to being this person.
I tried to force myself to crush on the temp job guy. Alas, I merely think he's funny and that we should be friends. Why is there no one I'm interested in? I also tried to force myself to crush on this guy who works at my gym, but I run outside mostly so I barely see him. At this point, I'm still more interested in Bud than anyone else, although that's just because I'm not interested in anyone. Don't worry - I accept the fact that Bud won't get over his ex for at least the next 2 years, ironically she is over him and won't take him back. (I think she's stuck on some other guy from before/during him.) That's not even a love polygon. It's just a line. A line I want out of. Waiting for outlier status. It's gotten better, so as long as time keeps doing it's job, I'm set. I confess that I'm super-siked for my friend's Christmas party b/c I'm going to look hot. I don't know if Bud's going, but I want him to so I can look better than him. The dude has no fashion sense; if he would only buy clothes that fit, he could go up like 2 points on the 1-10 hotness scale. Anyway, I'm petty, like that. But I'm trying not to build up this party in my head b/c I won't enjoy it for all the great people who'll be there.
Party, party, party, let's all get...
Does anyone else find themselves defending their ex to other people? Yes, I want other people to criticize any ex of mine because I'm awesome, so obviously there's something wrong with them, but I always feel like if I jump on the negativity bandwagon it could spiral out of control. So I defend.

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