Friday, March 28, 2014

holding feeling running shopping interesting drinking

I ran for the first time since 2/2/14. Why? Well it was warm outside and I felt like it. Why didn't I run for almost 2 months? Well it was cold outside so I didn't feel like it - I hate when snot dribbles down my face and I have to run holding tissues.

Feeling kind of sick because I had pizza, wine, ice cream, and tea for dinner. I need to get control of my diet. Hopefully I can run twice a week now and I'll lose some weight. I was definitely in a plateau before. Hopefully my knees will be okay. I'll try running at work on Tuesday.

It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow but I have a grocery shopping mission. It was supposed to rain all day today and that didn't happen. Wow I am not interesting at all when I've been drinking.

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