Friday, March 14, 2014

post Apollo13 experience

I just watched Apollo13 (1995) for the first time since Mr. Anthony showed it to my 8th grade science class. I cried so much more this time.  It felt more personal, considering where I work. Also, if the world didn't love Tom Hanks in 1995, it certainly loves him now. By that I mean, I just feel happy when I look at him, and I think about Woody from Toy Story (1995) or Wilson the volleyball (2000's Castaway). Wow 1995 was a good year for Tom Hanks. Also, I love Gary Sinise since an English teacher showed Of Mice and Men (1992) to my 11th grade class. Yeah, I think Gary Sinise is hot. He's been married longer than I've been alive, but maybe he has a lookalike son! Dang it, his son is '90. Not the right age. Ah well.
Gary Sinese in some movie or other
Anyway, I also love Kevin Bacon. I shouldn't even have to say why. You should know why. You know why.
yeah. you know you know

Anyway, I worked 10 hours every day except for 1 with a cold this week. I think I can take that April vacation day without using any vacation hours. Good or sad? I don't know how BH did it last year - and I don't know how I'm going to do it this year. The new application definitely helps - if only I could kick MS off the development team and replace him with a clone of FN. I'm tired of having to tell him everything twice. How dumb is he? Okay, he might not be dumb, but for a programmer his attention to detail sure is lacking. A mistake once in a while is fine, but EVERY SINGLE TIME? No.  I need to go to the virtual library and rent a happy book. I wish Jennifer Crusie would write some more novels.

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