Saturday, March 15, 2014


So I watched my free hbo again and this time it was a Girls marathon. I don't know if I like the show, but it's compelling. It made me laugh once. As far as tv shows go, even Psych is only making me laugh once an episode these days, and that's not in a surprising way. It's more in an expected way. But Girls. I am such a conservative compared to all the stuff going down in that show, and it's just a bunch of white people in NYC doing stuff. I saw one gay black guy and that was it in terms of minorities, which is a criticism that I remember hearing before I ever watched the show. That same same similarity was brought up in The Mindy Project, which I like better for entertainment value b/c it's straight comedy, while Girls is drama. I'm a comedy type of girl, my personal life being serious enough.

I painted some flowers on yellow construction paper with my walmart paint set. Then I painted the Oahu landscape on a post card I sent myself when I was in Hawaii and I remembered about mixing colors to get the one you want. It's all very kid-like, but I'll make a mural I tell you. Warped construction paper paintings.

Drank half a bottle of some pink Barefoot moscato, so feeling swimmy.
i'd rather have bubble tea

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