Sunday, March 16, 2014


4 drawing/painting pieces today. At least I'm taking decoration steps. Although the decorating looks more like a college art project and less like adult decorating. But I gave up on adult decorating practically before I tried starting to adult decorate. I really wonder what the paint in that set is made of - am I really just wetting chalk with water and smearing it around construction paper? It comes off on my fingers even after it's dry.
this painting looks different in different lights. i painted it tho
Snowing outside and we're supposed to get 3-6in. Not again. Every time I clean snow off the car I sincerely believe it's the last time. Too close to the definition of insanity for comfort?

In other news, on James Morrison's facebook page he said he was going to surprise everyone with his new music. But James! I feel like I've barely learned how to appreciate your third CD. I don't have all the hours of listening that it requires. I don't know every single word without thinking yet.

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