Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lent, dinosaurs, because I can

One year work anniversary. Got good emails.
Ah, what am I going to give up for Lent? Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and I still haven't decided. Got a list:

  • Add 30min exercise/day
  • Add 30 min meditation
  • Only 1 starch per meal
  • 1/2 scoop of sugar in my tea
  • No coffee
  • No bread
  • Only thrift shopping
  • Only mindful eating
I don't think I drink coffee enough to give it up. I don't think I eat bread enough either (though I have since I bought a loaf of oatmeal bread - wow that stuff is good with cheddar cheese). The exercise challenge could work, but I've done that before. I've also given up bread before. I like Lent because I look at it as a mind over body / willpower thing. It proves to myself that I have determination. That's one of the reasons why I want to do a PhD - to prove to myself that I can. I've probably focused on PhD as a worthy challenge because I have so many friends who are Drs or in the process of becoming doctors. And also one of my cousins. If I can do it, why not? I don't think for one minute that I can't. I realize this is why they created dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Yeah, if I was one of those scientists, I'd probably have happily gone up in there creating dangerous animals that later ate me instead of listening to Jeff Goldblum and his chaos theory.
i found him so freaking attractive
Just because you can, is not a reason to do something. I'd also do it for the money. Wow. Yes, I hear myself. And for the fact that I'd be able to do interesting research. I like my work environment but all this giant organizational mess with the rules rules rules isn't what I want to learn about in particular. I do believe that life is about learning, and if I got the PhD, I could learn more than bureaucracy... and yes most certainly that too. By the way, bureaucracy is not easy to spell - my first try was bureocracy.

S is now texting me again. Just randomly today. Why do I text back? I know I'm not attracted to him. Maybe he's at the friend level? No clue. As long as I stay at it, I'm fine. And to stay there, all I have to do is thinking about the New Year's Day barfing episode. Hours I tell you, hours long.

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