Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what is spirulina? too lazy to google it

Haven't written in days because I've been sick. I try not to be a baby about it, but I get sick so rarely that I have to go and make a production. The whole time I'm doing it, I'm trying to reign myself in. I always knew I had a tendency to embellish.  Anyway, the only thing unique about this sickness is that my sense of taste went away for 5, maybe 6 days. I say maybe 6 because it's been going in and out today. I've also been semi-delirious b/c work really got busy. Today was the first day I didn't work until 6:30.

The time change is nice in that when I leave work, it's still light. It's mean in that when I wake up it's pitch black. I normally feel worst in the morning, and being sick compounds it - on Tuesday I actually woke up, went to turn off my alarm, and fell asleep in a really uncomfortable position, then woke up 2 hours later.  Yeahhh... did not get to work at my usual time - I looked so bad off that my boss asked if I was even okay enough to be there. That's how you know it's bad. Was so happy when taste came back, if only for a half hour yesterday. I can now empathize more with the evil pirates in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie who lost two senses - taste and touch. Not sure about smell. But if you can't smell, then you can't taste, so they probably lost that too. What's the use of eating when you can't taste anything? You do it only for the calories. I had a horrible protein smoothie that I'm so glad I couldn't taste: wheatgrass, spirulina, barley something. I must have been sick to buy that.
these were probably in there too

Had to miss LB's baby shower. Gosh, I still have to think for a bit to remember her married name. But she got the present I sent and we had lunch on Tuesday, so hoping I can make it up to her some other time. She's due in April, so I'm going to miss seeing her at work. I'm glad her pregnancy is going so well - one of my cousins was pregnant with twins and I know she was on bedrest by this point in her pregnancy.

My brother turned 27 yesterday - my lucky number. Wow, I need to remember to call him.  I only sent a text, which of course he never responded to.

Today was 63, but tomorrow's high is 32, so I need to prep for the cold. I'm more used to it anyway. It's become comforting to hang out in all those layers. There was a torrential downpour this afternoon, so I'm hoping that cleaned a lot of the salt off the car. I have a dark blue car, so it's been looking shameful. Every time I get in it, I swear I'm going to the car wash the next warm day. Do car washes take plastic yet? Or do I need a bunch of quarters?

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