Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 wrap-up VS 2014 intro

What did I learn in 2013?
  • I don't like bars (unless it's trivia night with a group of friends).
  • I will never like beer.
  • I let things sit too long (dead flowers in water grow mold, relationships go on too long or never happen).
  • I love my family more and more each year.
  • How to serve in volleyball (I hope).
  • Pool is not like riding a bike.
  • I'm not 23 anymore and I don't want to be.
  • When I fly, during take-off, sometimes it feels like there's not enough air.
First day of the new year and it's confirmed - got no romantic feelings for S. I feel really detached from him physically. Let's face it - I have a physical type, and it isn't him. You can't force attraction. (I feel even less attracted after hearing him puke for hours. Hours, I tell you. Hours.) The next time I go home, I'm going to meet up with AJ and have her set up an online dating profile for me. It's a new year - I might as well experiment.

What did I learn so far in 2014?
  • Men are gross (okay, this was a relearn).
  • I require manners from everyone. Do not burp and not say excuse me. Do not pick at parts of yourself - I will become so disgusted that I must turn away because I can't conceal the look of revulsion on my face.
  • I am not a sympathy-puker. Thank you, God.
Goals for 2014? Don't feel pressured by the people around me to be in a serious relationship. Have fun dating and gain more experience so I learn my personal dealbreakers. Run on the regular. Maintain/improve my relationships with the people most important to me. Don't take myself so seriously. Complete a draft of a story in the first two months of the year. Watch as much of the Sochi Olympics as I can. Pray more. Listen to more James Morrison. Travel once.

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