Saturday, January 11, 2014

free hbo day

HBO is free this weekend and I'm an addict. I even watched Warm Bodies(2013) again. I like that movie, but it creeps me out. I start thinking about how very big the windows are in my apartment and how they'd never hold up against a zombie apocalypse. And then I get scared, tell myself it's irrational because of all things to be afraid of, there's a lot worse than zombies, but it only semi works. There are many more things to be scared of: burglars, rapists, muggers, identity theft, cancer, operations, doctor's appointments. All of these are more likely than a zombie apocalypse, and yet I'm still scared. It's night and I'm convinced they'd be attracted to the light. Anyway, good movie.

I also watched that Rise of the Guardians movie that came out around Christmas last year, and I must be pms-ing because I was in tears for the last 30 minutes. I mean tears where I had to get up and get the tissue box because I got all snotty. Jack Frost's story was just so sad, I mean he died and when he remembered how, he wasn't even sad. But I was sad. So sad. I also watched a 2008 National Geographic special about that Indian girl who was born with 8 limbs instead of 4 because she had a parasitic twin and everyone treated her as the reincarnation of the goddess Laksmi, and then she had to get surgery. I remember when that happened, my mom followed the story on the news. She was such a pretty toddler - I wonder how she's doing now. Well I hope. Walking on her own I hope by now.

Trying to write a bio for my other blog and failing. I'm trying not to give out any real information, because once you put it on the internet, it's there forever. And ever. And ever. So it's best not to put anything out there. I mean, facebook is bad enough with leaking personal data. And with the whole Target thing, I've been advised to check my credit score because damnit I did go to Target once between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to buy airplane sized things for the Hawaii trip. What if my credit/debit card information and other personal information was stolen? What if I'm one of the 75K or however many people they said it was on NPR. Yes, I listen to NPR, actually kind of regularly. It's because I'm stuck in traffic so much that all the radio songs are the same. I need to be told a story to stay awake, and NPR it is. I wish their story hours came on at rush hour instead of just the same news I heard in the morning.

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