Saturday, January 25, 2014

in case of frostbite

I've been writing more with a pen lately, so slacking off on becoming an adult. On trying to become an adult, which is what this writing exercise was supposed to be. Also, having a blog that I have to write isn't as fun frankly. I guess once it becomes work, the fun gets taken out of it. Which is how all things are I suppose.
I want spring so bad.
Still so much ice in the parking lot. Pulling in and out of a spot is a decided crunch. Spent only 2 days at work this past week due to the snow and it being code blue. Made some real progress with this monster excel file which I'm only mentioning because you can't make progress unless you have unreal attention to detail and figure out logic. I admit when I first started working I didn't even want to try to understand If() statements, but now I'm reasoning out what a formula is doing much easier. It's progress, and it may bring me closer to being not so horrible at computer programming. I don't want to computer program, I just hate that there is something which defeats me soundly every time I try it. Math is that thing for a lot of people, but I was a math major, so I guess it had to be something else. At least it's not writing.

Woke up and went to walmart in style this morning. I had a list that I'd made and I managed to get most key things on it, except for bouillon cubes, which they were flat out of. That's the trouble with walmart and why I'll have to stop at a weis or something on my way back from goodwill-ing tomorrow.

Have started pestering AC to go with me to a Wizards game. I am prepared to spent up to $100 on my ticket. I am prepared to go any day that she has off. I've never been to an NBA game before, and I want to do it right. They cost more than baseball games if you want to get good seats. I wonder if it's better to buy ahead, or to wait until you get there and see if they have any good seats left. That's what I did for that Orioles game I went to last summer with MC. We wound up in the outfield, but in the first row of the outfield. I like sports games b/c you're so close to other people that you make acquaintances. In the case of the wizards, we have to go soon b/c they're so bad that I doubt they'll make it into the playoffs. I don't even know who's on the wizards, so at this point I'll be going for the sake of the other team. I just googled them, and I don't know a single player. Yes, this will be for the sake of the other team, and can I bring some binoculars?

For the extreme cold that's sticking around, I need to take AK's advice and buy some mittens. Or start wearing 2 pairs of gloves at once. Every time I spend more than a minute or so outside my fingers start to ache. I see why they're the first to go in a case of frostbite.

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