Friday, January 3, 2014

apt searching less than a year after the last time. sigh

I'm starting to get ideas for my lease negotiation letter. I'll make an outline of the structure next, then send the leasing office an email, where I add the formal letter as an attachment.

Also, I found an apartment complex I could live in that's not going to break the bank and is closer to work. It wouldn't be the ideal commute, but neither is the one I have now - I'm just used to it. I'd get used to a new one. Plus, the potential new place has a river jogging trail. As long as it's not crime-ridden, I'd like that. So we'll see. I still haven't gone to work and asked around yet either (since today was basically a snow day). So I have plans. I won't wind up on the streets.

Ugh, I wish there were good jobs near where my family lives. Nothing like family, which is why AC is moving back to NJ in a year. I understand, I just miss her already. If I said that, she'd say I'm ridiculous, which is fair. Just because I'm missing my girlfriends, MW will probably find a job in CA and move away again too. And then both my sisters plan to become ex-patriots when they're done with school. Waaah - how did this happen?

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