Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the top of my list

Snow days spoil me. I hope tomorrow there's a delay and I get to stay home and telework instead of going in. Yes, I am actually lazy.  Half the time I wish I could just go home (my parents' home) and lie around for two months. Then I'd be ready to work again.

Started freaking out because I suddenly started to itch. I looked at my leg and I think there's hives. It has to be the orange juice I just drank. I mean, other than that I only had rice and there's no way that I'm allergic to rice. The orange juice might be expired. Anyway, I started frantically looking around for a Benadryl and lo and behold, I don't have any. So that's on the top of my list the next time I stop by the grocery store. And I was just in Walmart this morning, but stupidly I didn't buy any medicine at all. I need my mom to make me a list of the items I should always have on hand. That'll prevent the freakout - because if I did have a real allergic reaction, I'd have to call an ambulance since the apartment complex has not yet shoveled or plowed anything at all.
they plowed nothing, i tell you
Must sleep now because I have to wake up at the regular time and probably shovel snow. If there's a delay, I still have to do that. If there's not a delay, I am going to be late to work. If the center is closed (which I doubt), then I'll sleep in and not bother to go outside until noon.

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