Wednesday, January 15, 2014

email email type-type-type

I have never written more emails than I have since I got my first full-time job. So much of business is centered around email communication, and then I come home and there are more emails to write. It's a good thing I took that typing class in 12th grade, because I just don't see how you can be successful at work without being able to type at least 60wpm, and I know I'm faster than 60. Every so often, I take one of those typing tests.  Let me do one now...
And there you have it. I'm convinced that most people in their 20s have the capability to type just as fast as me, because just when I get all cocky and think I'm fast, I listen to the typing of the person on the keyboard next to me in a public library and realize I'm slow as bones.  Yeah, I said slow as bones.

i was going to find a pic of actual bones, but this is what tumblr gave me instead

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