Tuesday, January 22, 2013

first in-person interview of my post-MA adult(?) life

That job called. Today was my in-person interview. A 2 hour drive, but I was nervous on the way there so it didn't feel long. There were no traffic jams; I got there a half hour early. I had time to collect myself and put on my make up. I'm usually a mascara + some kind of lip product kind of girl. If I'm into it, I add brown eye-shadow. It's a good thing I went impeccably dressed, because I was thoroughly impressed by the attire of the ladies on the interview panel. I do pretty well, but may I please learn to dress like them some day soon?

Driving past Baltimore always makes me wistful for my 4 years of undergrad past. I haven't set foot in the city since, but that's okay - I don't want to tarnish the memories. You know how it is when moving on means physically moving on. Don't want to get stuck in a physical or metaphysical rut.

Being so close made me think about a friend from college who now lives in DC. I'll probably call him tomorrow. It would be awesome if I got the job and lived near him. Of course, I think he might be moving in May, but being in the neighbor-ish vicinity of someone who used to be a close friend for 3 months is better than for no months. I'd be comforted a little I think. It takes courage to pick up and move to a place where you have no network. Still, whatever the deal, I can do it.
The windchill was in the teens, but I wore a dress and stockings. My sacrifice for fashion was worth it. On the way home, I accidentally ran over a horseshoe because I was distracted by an Amish buggy.

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