Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So why do friends(?) passive-aggressively rub your ex's sex life in your face and smile at you while they're doing it? And yet, the particular situation means that I can't say anything without looking like a bitch. I think the next WC reunion, I might have to be busy that day. This is the 3rd time, and I'm kind of done. The first time was like 3 weeks after we broke up and right in front of him! Right in front. As in, my eyes were trained to the table directly in front of me because I couldn't look anywhere else. I wish I had a face that hid emotions, but I don't. I can't fool anyone. I can't even fool large groups of kids long enough to effectively sub them. Fail. This is a fail caused by my personality, and that's not changeable through willpower alone.

Everyone was at the gym last night. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be over 50! That means I get to run. Oh yeah. Out of practice, so not expecting this to go well, but we'll see. Warm weather, please stay with me. Let me love you.

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