Thursday, January 17, 2013

another car story

Trickery. So I'm barely a quarter mile down my street, setting off for a temp job interview, when there's a rumbling and a squeaking from the general front of the car. There are regular noises that the car makes, which were born into existence one by one, and which I accept. But this bumping and squeaking was something new. I've been known to panic unnecessarily about new noises which my car makes, so I turned off the radio and listened. I call it being one with my car. I made the left turn from my neighborhood onto a road with a 35mph speed limit. The new noises got worse. I turned onto the 45mph road and the bumping worsened, so I turned into the gas station and called my dad. He said keep going.

He always says keep going. Unless some sort of fluid is leaking out. No wait, he said keep going that time too. Anyway, this time no fluid leaking. Just me in a skirt and sneakers (my driving shoes) in 30-something weather. Peering at the car like that would tell me something. I got back in the car. I merged onto the 55mph road. The horror. The rumbling made me scared to do 50. I waited for other drivers to stop me, waving frantically and pointing at something gone horribly wrong. It didn't happen, but I knew I couldn't drive 25miles to my interview and back.

I got off at the first exit, pulled into CVS, and proceeded to accidentally call a family friend. It's okay, I acted like I meant to do it. We're now meeting up tomorrow. Anyway, the staffing agency understands, their client understands, the interview was rescheduled for next week, and I made it home. Turns out the lug-nuts on the front left tire were coming off. Yeah, that tire would have popped off while I was driving. For a while, we thought it was a bearing or an axle, but all I needed to do was tighten some lug-nuts. This wasn't a huge deal after all. Thankful.

The potential full-time job called. Interview on Tuesday! Lady Gaga is right - "...your career will never wake up tell you that it doesn't love you anymore."

Today is somehow Chekhov's birthday, and so is Jan 29th. I don't understand Russian calendars, but I love him.

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