Thursday, January 10, 2013

anything less

I got a little zest in my desire to job search on Monday. Here's hoping renewed efforts yield an interview. One interview, that's all I hope for right now. On the temping front, my staffing agency is wonderful. If I got any benefits at all, I could work temp jobs forever. On the PhD front, one school down and 4 to go. It's slow going since each program is slightly different, and yet the essay with my research interests is crucial. I might be over-thinking those.

The high yesterday was 48, so I ran in the park. It was so much nicer than the gym. I even saw a fox hunt - about 5 riders on horseback and 50 dogs. I saw my trees and the lake, and I crunched snow. I avoided horse poop and jumped over potholes on the gravel road. I was so happy. And no runny nose troubles, so I'll keep my rule of no running unless it's warmer than 45 degrees. Anything less is too cold.
What I saw was basically this.
Anything less. I can't accept anything less than what a human being deserves. This is a philosophy I have to follow to keep my self-respect. It's the reason for break-ups, for get-togethers, why I'm temping instead of working retail, why I started working out, and more things I can't think of right now.

Still sad in general, and I'm tired of it, so I'm sitting up straighter and talking to myself step by step. Mornings are hard, plus it doesn't help that my room is cold. Such effort just to get out of bed. I feel the sensation of a cold contact on my eye too often these days.

A friend is coming over Saturday. She's managed to never see lotr for her entire life. My 3 siblings and I are very different, and we all love those movies. Hence my belief in their universal appeal. Time for some peer pressure.

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