Monday, January 14, 2013

tinge sting wince hiss

Job anxiety, which is really coping with rejection from strangers. I'm used to getting rejected before the interview stage. Hell, like a lot of people, I get rejection emails from jobs I applied to so long ago that I no longer remember applying. But I haven't had many interviews. And it's the worst when they say they'll call you. It's like dating. You're waiting for the call from that one person, and all other calls carry that special tinge-sting of disappointment. So like dating at the beginning of a relationship then.

It's been so cloudy that I workout 3 times a week instead of every other day. It's not seasonal depression, but it sure is seasonal something. Can the weather fast-forward to March? Never mind that I've barely used my winter gear. I decided years ago to always be grateful for the heat in summer, even during a particulary hot Georgia summer spent under the ceiling fan because there was no electricity. But here's forgetting about what could be for a while and focusing on what is. Hello, my mittens.

Ate a bit of sticky bun from Amish country today. It tasted like sweet delicious sugar. Mmm.
There's still a little left...

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