Tuesday, January 29, 2013

that kind of single-minded focus

"Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere." --Paulo Coehlo
He wrote O Alquimista aka The Alchemist. Years ago, my mother made me read it, the English version. It was one of those books that convinced me I hadn't lived enough to write anything worth anything.

Been finishing those PhD apps. I have one essay left to turn in by Friday. I don't know why, but applications are one thing I'm horribly last minute on. I have no clue of my acceptance chances. I'm going to say they're small. Every school I talk to is competitive and let's face it - I got my MA from an easy school. The most challenging thing about the program was my thesis. I worked harder in my part-time jobs than in class. That doesn't give me much confidence about my application, but at least my GRE scores are high... Still, I'd really rather have a job. My car malfunctions in new and glorious ways these days and I want to get a new one.

The weather was 54 and sunny. The weather people said it would be, but I hadn't believed them. So I emerged from my house in running clothes and drove to the gym. There's a trail right next to the gym, so first I ran 5K outside. Slow, 10:25 minute miles because I'm weak lately. Then I went inside the gym, which was packed with new year's resolution-ers still. I didn't mind. Guy-watching was more interesting. The man on the cross-fit machine (is it called that?) in front of me had the most beautifully muscular back I've had the pleasure of staring at for 11 minutes in a long time. Not that I did nothing but stare at his back for 11 minutes. I kept getting distracted by other people and my music and tvs, and if I had that kind of single-minded focus it would be creepy anyway. That man had many tattoos and shouldn't have shaved his head bald, but he put up his hood, so I could forget all about that :-).

 My friend/acquaintance asked me if I'd found someone new. I love how my friends are genuinely surprised that I haven't yet.

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