Thursday, January 3, 2013

delirious energy

Yesterday I went too hard (at the gym). I'm sore in the good ways, but also in the oh-no-you-almost-strained-this-muscle way.  I've taken being fit for granted. I feel like a slacker when I'm not running outside, so now that I'm in the gym basically until winter's over, I go extra hard.

When I run outside, I spend about an hour working out, which included warm-up, stretching, walk breaks, staring at the scenery, cool-down, and push-ups.
If I'm in the gym, there's naught to look at but one of 8 television channels. I stare at HGTV and go 45 minutes straight (no-name not-quite stair-stepper machine), then 25(elliptical), and then 15 (treadmill). Then I come home and do lunges, push-ups, and whatever else I can think of.

Usually exercise gives me energy. But no, I had that delirious energy where you're not in your right mind. It's probably actually exhaustion. I did things I'm not proud of.
a side-effect of working out on the regular
Spent today applying for jobs. Hope something comes out of it. My original kind-of-plan was to work for a while and then go back to school. But the working hasn't happened, so I fast-forwarded school. It's too bad I'm past the age where my parents know what's best for me. Life was easier.

I networked today. So much uncertainty. I keep freaking out.

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