Tuesday, June 25, 2013

would you like a hot beverage?

Ugh. Am I weird in that I don't feel like talking all the time, but I like to be around people?

Just finished watching the Jdrama, Last Cinderella. I thought the last two episodes would be the pinnacle of tears, but it turns out I've just been watching too many Kdramas. Crazy girl suddenly got some sense even though no one sent her to a shrink like I've been begging them to all season. I still think the step-sibling relationship is hella crazy, but that narrative thread was dropped so, I guess I'll forget about it.

Ran a tiny bit today because it was 93 degrees at 5pm. Work was busy again, but I got more done than I expected. I made it through the emails from Monday all the way to 10am today. Progress. It's lonely at work without BH sharing the office, but I got so many phone calls that the time flew past and I didn't even get to wave goodbye.

Going to try a new hair mixture that PM told me about. She's sissy's friend but more a family friend at this point, and her hair is always beautiful these days:
2tbp aloe juice
2tbp leave in conditioner
2tsp jojoba oil
2tsp castor oil
The oils can be substituted with other ones from Sally's.
Also, she mixes aloe juice and water at a 1:1 ratio and sprays it on her hair beforehand. Yes, I'm black.

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