Tuesday, June 11, 2013

신의 over and over again

Why is Faith (Shinui 신의) the one drama I can watch over and over again? It's a bit like One Hundred Years of Solitude - after I finished that book I had to go back to the beginning and read it again to get the stuff I'd overlooked. Of course, you can never quite recapture the uncertain mystery of the first time, but Faith gets better and better. Plus, watching Faith on Vikii, I get to turn on the comments, which are mainly lustful and always hilarious. There's nothing like a soft kitty joke to add levity.  BBT anyone? Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

Do people start working at 2pm? I am out of there at 4:30, and no, the process you started 2 minutes ago will not be finished in 10 minutes, especially not when I have 20 other processes to deal with. Anyway, all I mean is I didn't get to run with the running group. I went later on my own, which was just as well - my knee still isn't 100%. I tried to run a flat route, but even so after 2 miles my knee had had enough, cue walking. At least there was no parkway traffic - a gift from God.

Sissy 1 and Sissy 2 banned together against me, so it looks like I'm driving to my parents for the weekend yet again. A birthday and Father's Day. So this is what happens when you live not quite far enough away. I love my family, but I'm not a fan of packing up every weekend. Plus both sissies are home so I will have nowhere to sleep.
The best defense... or an excuse to post LMH as Choi Young in Faith.

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