Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i can't serve under pressure

Another Wednesday - played volleyball and I was actually worse than last time. I was fine while warming up, but then when the games started I got the ball over the net once. Once. Everyone was looking at me... the pressure. On the other hand, I think volleyball is really friendly and doesn't aggravate my knee.  Afterwards we went running for a little. Since I can't run down hills, I was behind, but it was all good as the two guys went off together. I took the shortcut back. Discovered a dog tick crawling up my leg. I am so over ticks. Please let there be no more on me. I got CH to promise to take me for a ride in his car, which is gorgeous. That's a plus, but it's not even the car - it's when he shifts gears. Oh wow, I have a crush.
You know what really grinds my gears? When...
I came home and one of my neighbors - the one with the little dogs that bark - was on the porch grilling steak and chicken. It's not advisable to take food from a strange man, but I was hungry. Anyway, there were plenty of witnesses and I survived. I'm currently putting off: washing the dishes, taking a shower, folding the laundry, and washing my hair while I wait for the steak to cook a little more in the oven. I don't do red meat. And now he asked me for $40. Nothing is free!

Worst morning commute ever - took me an extra hour to get to work thanks to the fact that people can't merge. By the time I passed the scene of the accident, the firemen were standing around joking and having a good time. At least I'd stopped at the grocery store, so I had food.

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