Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yesterday I joined a very informal summer volleyball group. By the end of the hour I didn't suck so bad at serving. Let's ignore the beginning though. Team sports - I avoid them because I can stand disappointing myself (hence the solo running), but I really start to beat myself up when other people are involved. Still, I'm in a rut with running since my knee isn't quite right, so a different sport is what I need. I'm actually sore. My body's gotten so used to the movements it takes to run that running isn't even a physical challenge - just mental. Volleyball is physical in that I struggle to get coordinated. Not a surprise from the girl who crashes into walls and doorways while attempting to walk around in the morning. Anyway, not too many people were at volleyball yesterday, besides me just old guys and young interns. So no one my age, but they were all super nice and I want to make a real friend or two.
Can I play volleyball here?

A thunderstorm front went through at work, but no derechos. While I was at work, there was a tornado touchdown in my suburb, but nowhere near my apartment. The thing I like about spring/summer storms is they come in brief waves and are over quickly. The parkway was fine, but there was an accident on the road between work and the parkway, and the traffic light was out, so slow going. People in this state make a much bigger deal of storms than we do in PA - I keep thinking nature is going to smite me for not having enough healthy fear.

I was invited to go up in a little plane by an emeritus at work. I don't know when, but I'm doing it. So there may be a chance of me dying in a fiery plane crash.

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