Sunday, June 23, 2013

the 3rd day of summer

Been avoiding going to the grocery store. Don't feel my best since my diet is like 1000 calories. Going to go as soon as I eat something.
Been writing letters, where I pour out random feelings to people who are my friends, but we'd never talk about any of this in person. Well... wait, we would if we had enough time, but my friendships these days are meet, catch up, time to go. Never time to really talk. All the letters are clouded by my poor nutrition. I need a woman to come and tell me what to buy and then take me to the grocery store and force me to buy it and then maybe I won't exist in half-starvation.

I haven't gone outside since Friday.

"He left the house and rowed slowly back across the water, resting on his oars from time to time to let the fresh afternoon wind dry his skin. Poor Mattie, to have lost all those years and years of glorious summer days."
--Drowning Ruth, by Christina Schwarz

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