Monday, June 10, 2013

i got my ray bans on and i'm feelin hella cool tonight...

I used my vision insurance for an eye exam. Haven't had insurance for 3 years, so I'm going to have many doctor appointments in the near future. My poor eyes have been through the wringer today. And they have to get dilated during next week's follow up exam. Sunglasses time. Meanwhile, I have two different types of contacts to try out.
Sissy tells me some (knock off) Ray Bans are headed my way.
I saw SH this weekend, and it was fun but disappointing. Some couples make me want to puke. I guess you can't go back to how it used to be. I'm glad he seems happy though - for all the ladies out there he's a great catch, even if he has little to no sense of direction. It's one of his few faults, and easy enough to accept. One of my sisters is like that too.  I tried to find a new way home and wound up driving by work on a Saturday - such disappointment.

Ventured out between rainstorms to see the giant snapping turtle that lives in the man made lake at work, but the water was so muddy that we saw nothing. I went with J, who is late middle aged and outgoing and somewhat of a flirt. In a harmless enough way. I bet his wife is awesome.

Tornado warnings. Didn't run. Wouldn't have anyway since I hadn't shaved my legs in too long. But so ready for tomorrow. I want sun and shorts.
All my running clothes come from Marshalls.

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