Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"I don't even have any real friends - except you Rajah"

Ran on Sunday in Hibernia Park - still my favorite place to run. It's like I invested all my relationship emotion there - both during and after my last relationship. And now the place is dearer than a friend. My knee injury hasn't gone away still, so I could only run 1.25 miles before it started to work, and then I had to walk back. Disappointing, but I hope the next time I go there, I can run my regular 3 miles. DS in the running group loaned me some KT tape, which I'll try out tomorrow for volleyball and a short jog - hoping the placebo effect works. Also hoping I make real friends down here soon - people keep asking me if I'm lonely. I must look really lonely?

Today I was wearing a pair of test contacts. All was fine during the day, but on my commute home just as I was about to get on the parkway, my right eye was irritated. I rubbed it a little. Didn't go away. So I thought something was stuck in the corner of my eye and rubbed that. My contact came out on my finger.  Luckily, it was raining and I'd left just before 5, so traffic was super slow and I was able to take out my other contact and shove on my glasses. Too bad my glasses make me feel sick. Next year, I will definitely change my glasses prescription as well. I need to have a reliable backup.

Sissy brought back T.O.P socks from Japan. Now they match my GD socks.
They approve.
Yes, I love Aladdin (see title). Recently, I discovered free movies onDemand which are all old, but have no commercials. Yesterday after work I got my eyes dilated, so I drove home and watched (blurry) "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and then "Tremors" for the 20th time. John Hannah is in Four Weddings and I love him from The Mummy, so I called him Uncle John the whole time. I laughed - I cried. Good movie. Made me want to read some Auden.

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