Tuesday, June 4, 2013

if it seems like something's weird, then...

So in my experience, if it seems like something weird's going on, then probably something weird's going on. If A is married to B. But Q seems into A, then is AQ a work marriage? Mind you, I've never witnessed AB. But when I first met A and Q I thought they were dating, so I was surprised that AB was an item since way back forever. Overthinking?

Intern season at work - I met a math major. The interns are all so cute. They're younger than Y, who just got her BA.

I've been treating my knee well, but I got ambitious today. I did walk the downhills, but it turns out 3.4 miles was still to far. Walking down a path you've always run is so tedious. On the other hand, all these butterflies kept flying around me and I imagined myself as a Disney princess - the power to command wildlife to do my bidding. Power corrupts.

Just finished icing my leg and the verdict is not the greatest. Let's pray I can walk right tomorrow.
enough ice to heal my knee ...

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