Sunday, April 28, 2013

wow i drove this weekend

I drove home Friday night after work. It takes 2 hours to get there - up 95 for the first hour and then back country for the second hour. I can't express how much I love my parents. And my siblings. And the family that lives near my parents. And Darcy, or dog. That's why I didn't mind when I moved back home for a couple years to do grad school. My US society tells me I should mind, but if anything I was more ashamed that I didn't mind when I was living at home. Plus home is rural, and I love the woods. I love to be outside in spring, summer, and fall. I'll even take winter in a pinch.

I treated BG to lunch, and we caught up during and afterwards. There is nothing like girlfriends. Okay, except sisters. She still works with Bud. Get this - I was ravenous when we sat down at the table to order. And then she said that the regular hook ups were happening at work and I lost my appetite. A sudden sick jab to my stomach and it was just gone. It must have showed on my face because she skimmed right along to another topic.

Why? It's been almost a year. I'm going to be messed up during/after the grad party in a month. I prefer to trick my mind into thinking all my exes are living happily ever after somewhere and I will never see or hear of them again. Or crappily ever after. I don't care as long as I never see or hear of them again. But life's not like that.

My youngest sissy came back from Japan! She is so good for souvenirs. She brought back multiple presents for everyone. I totally was not expecting that. I'm now the proud owner of GD socks. I squealed. So sad to leave her and drive back down to my apartment.
The GD's are in the middle. Fantastic Baby.
I read Dubus's The Garden of Last Days and didn't realize it was about the last days before 9/11 until I had 20 pages left in the 535 page book. That is a true testament to my powers to not observe something because 9/11 is clearly pasted all over the back cover. When I realized it was about 9/11, I was disappointed because the topic has been done to death, but I did learn, and I liked the writing style.

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