Friday, April 5, 2013

should be entertaining

I finally drank the nonalcoholic ginger beer. Serious stuff. It burns. I love it. It comes in a brown bottle, just like a real beer. For weeks in my head I've been promising myself vodka and orange juice. Tomorrow is the day I buy the vodka. It's also the day I find the Goodwill and Home Goods (I'm in search of a TV stand).

Out of nowhere, AB emailed me after 1,2,3, no 4 months of no communication. Never thought I'd talk to him again. Can we date? Sigh - it's not even him. I really enjoy my own apartment. I don't need to live with anyone right now. I just want a local friend.

I ran again today, with just the girls. I don't understand women who can't get along with other women. Other women are vital to staying sane. I felt leg strain while running; if I don't get new running shoes, I'll probably get shin splints. My shins feel very tight this week. But I need to last until the work-sponsored "Fun Run" in mid-April! It's only 2 miles. Should be entertaining. Then I'll just do the gravel trail all the time. It's 3 miles, challenging hills, and shade, which is key for the coming summer heat. Good conditioning. :-)

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