Wednesday, April 24, 2013

mutated clovers

I haven't been able to make the running group time, so I've run by myself this week and rediscovered that I love being outside. It gave me time to explore on Monday (since I didn't have to keep to a 9:30 pace) and I found a couple trails. If no one comes along, I can imagine I'm in the woods at Hibernia. I found the most mutated clovers. I was looking for a 4 leaf clover by the vegetable garden. At first I got really excited and thought I'd found a 6 leaf clover, but then I realized the way about 20 different plants were growing was with almost split leaves. Mutation! I ran by again today and they'd mowed the grass near the vegetable patch. No more mutated clovers and I had no witnesses.

Came home, showered, and actually kicked myself out of the apartment to go buy food. Yum to bananas, grapes, yogurt, my current favorite cereal, honey wheat pretzels, mango ice cream... I knew I shouldn't go shopping while hungry, but I stopped to fix something for dinner, I'd never leave.

A co-worker made a spreadsheet to plan her wedding (I found out at the work bridal shower). Not that I have any real prospects, but if I ever have to plan a real wedding, I want that spreadsheet. That said, I'll just buy a really good cake, a dress, and elope. At the bridal shower, I heard I have to deliver a 90 day introduction to my company. Um. When is 90 days?

I talked to an astronaut outside the perpetual meeting room. Felt special. I so wanted to make friends with the event planner outside the perpetual meeting room. Couldn't swing it, but I did break to mail a letter to one of my cousins in the post office. The post office is right by the gift shop, where I stopped to buy this organic sea salt chocolate that is worth the $3.79. I called my parents to ask if they wanted a key chain or something and my dad accused me of going shopping while he and my mom were hard at work. Salty!

I started listening to I Heart Radio when I wake up, but it's repetitive. I'm reading a book by Andre Dubus III called The Garden of Last Days. Picked it up from the Goodwill. It's a literary novel, but it's about strippers. I keep thinking about strippers.

I don't want to go to BG's graduation party if Bud is going to be there. I should be over this by now.

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